By popular demand: the York Nordic Shorter Length Walking Poles now offer a choice between “Cushion” hiking-style grips and “Nordic” glove-style grips. Both offer a smooth, low-impact upper body workout in a light, compact, folding travel design.

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We're excited to announce new grip options for our popular “Shorter Length” line of Traveler Folding walking poles. In addition to the classic Cushion Grip, ideal for those needing extra balance or those hiking on variable terrain, we've added a Nordic Grip option, which features a glove that clicks into to the pole, allowing for full arm extension while walking. We specially designed the grip on a smaller scale to accommodate walkers with shorter builds.

With either grip, the two-piece poles fold up to just 15 inches for travelling, adjust from 33 to 43 inches in height (85 to 110 cm), and weigh just 7 ounces each (8 ounces with the rubber feet). They also come with their own Velcro strap and carrying case.

Studies have shown that Nordic walking is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts available, burning 40% more calories than walking alone. As a low impact exercise, it ideal for people of all ages, weights, and physical conditions. These new poles and grips make the workout more comfortable for shorter people, who previously had to struggle with poles that were too long for them.

The new grips came about because our top Nordic walking instructor and reseller in Hawaii requested that we offer a shorter length of pole along with a smaller glove strap to accommodate petite walkers. We enjoyed collaborating with her on the design process and are excited to share our new product with Nordic walkers.