Living Life and Loving Adventures at 74 Yrs Old - Denise Carroll of Alaska

We can all only hope that our retirement will bring us such joy in where we live, what we do, and who we choose to share our adventures with. Denise Carroll hikes every Wednesday and Friday... the pics below tell it all. Keep in mind that most of the hikers are 65 and 70+ years old and still going strong. Alaskans are tough!

Here at York Nordic we are just proud that our poles can keep up with Denise Carroll and her friends during all of their amazing Adventures. Thank you Denise for sharing your pictures with us, you go girl!

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Wait For Me

One Step At A Time


Powerful Shadows

In the Moment

Planes Above

Ships Below

Wow... Take a long relaxing deep breath while imagining you are standing there. Truth is, you could be. Start planning your next great adventure now!