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  1. How to Choose the Best Trekking Poles for Seniors

    How to Choose the Best Trekking Poles for Seniors

    Are you thinking of going hiking during your retirement?

    Retirees often get the chance to enjoy some peace as soon as it presents itself. Most of them have had enough excitement in their life to set it all aside and focus on spending time with the people they want to spend time with. Some retirees don’t like settling down though.

    They can’t stand the thought of missing out on a lot of the excitement they missed while working in their industries. This is why a lot of seniors tend to look up trekking poles online and consider going hiking.

    Unlike other exciting pass times, hiking is a safer option and it even provides benefits to one’s health and mental well-being. To ensure safety and ease of travel for seniors though, getting the right poles is essential. Read on for a list of the best features in hiking poles today.

    1. Pole Adjustability

    The main function of tr

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  2. How to Use Trekking Poles for Stability, Support, and Safety

    How to Use Trekking Poles for Stability, Support, and Safety

    According to a research study done by Dr. G. Neureuther in 1981, the use of ski poles while walking reduced the pressure on the opposite leg by up to 20%. Learning how to use trekking poles will not only take the pressure off your legs, but it will also give you more of a balanced workout.

    Whether you suffer from bad knees, arthritis, obesity, or even just want to save your joints in general, trekking poles can help you make sure that your body is stabilized and your joints are taking less pressure as you hike both uphill and downhill.

    The only issue is that if you do not know how to how to use trekking poles correctly, you are not going to reap the benefits that they offer, and may end up wasting precious calories that y

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  3. York Nordic Wins! The 8 Best Gifts for Walkers of 2019 Search by Very Well Fit

    York Nordic Wins! The 8 Best Gifts for Walkers of 2019 Search by Very Well Fit
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  4. The Pros and Cons of Using Trekking Poles when Hiking

    The Pros and Cons of Using Trekking Poles when Hiking

    Hiking has surged in popularity among Americans in recent years.

    It is now the fourth most common outdoor activity. Only running, fishing and biking are more popular. Have you ever wondered why hiking is so popular?

    It could be because it doesn't require much to get started. Just grab a pair of boots and put one foot in front of the other, right?

    Well, that doesn't mean there isn't any helpful equipment which can improve your hiking experience. Many hikers use trekking sticks. 

    Check out below for the pros and cons of using trekking poles to help you decide whether you need a pair for your next hike.

    Ready? Let's go!

    The Pros of Using Trekking Poles

    There are several benefits of using trekking poles. Here are just a few examples of how walking poles/sticks can improve your experience.

    1. Relieve the Weight of Yo

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  5. Walk This Way: 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Nordic Walking for Those with Parkinson's

    Walk This Way: 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Nordic Walking for Those with Parkinson's

    Research has shown that Nordic walking holds a host of health benefits and that it provides superior exercise and results when compared to regular walking. 

    Nordic walking can be done by all ages but some of its benefits make it a particularly great exercise for seniors. Additionally, some of the positive effects are specifically beneficial for people with Parkinson's disease. 

    Living with the onset of Parkinson's is tough, and finding a suitable exercise that is safe and comfortable can be challenging. As a senior one has to be extra careful when exercising not to overstrain or lose one's balance. At the same time, maintaining an exercise routine is vital for combatting Parkinson's disease. 

    The good news is that Nordic walking is practically perfectly suited to seniors, and is an ideal exercise for those with Parkinson's disease. 


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  6. The York Nordic Folding Walking Pole: The Perfect River Cruising Companion

    The York Nordic Folding Walking Pole: The Perfect River Cruising Companion

    You decide to head to Europe on that river cruise you've always dreamed up. You’re having a great time until the boat stops for you to get off and go on an excursion. While everyone is just walking along easily you sadly can’t keep up. It makes you feel like you’re holding the group back.

    You used to love outdoor activities such as hiking but as you age, your body just doesn't work like it used to. You really don’t want to give up what you love and you shouldn’t have to. With a York Nordic folding walking pole, you’ll be able to get some of your mobility back and keep up with any hiking or walking group with more confidence and stability. 

    Keep reading to find out how you may benefit from these walking poles and how to use poles the next time you go on an adventurous river excursion.

    1. Benefits of Walking Poles 

    So, we've told you walking poles will give you a little more mobility but how? Here is why you'll be more confident and stable once you st

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  7. 6 Reasons to Exercise in the Cold - Now, get out there!

    6 Reasons to Exercise in the Cold - Now, get out there!

    No need to hibernate this time of the year, get on out there and enjoy these 6 motivating reasons.

    1. IMPROVE YOUR RESILIENCY:  the more we expose ourselves to it – within reason and with appropriate scaling – the more adaptable and resilient we become to it and as humans. Exercise strengthens your immune system as your blood pumps the immune cells through your body. Fresh air is cleaner than being inside with recycled air.
    2. WARD OF SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD):  Get outside as often as possible for your much-needed SAD suppressor, vitamin D. Vigorous movement on top of this will add a nice endorphin kick into the mix to left your mood and help you smile more. Getting outside for a sweat can help you get in the recommended 1,000 to 2,000s IUs of vitamin D recommended each day
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  8. Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

    Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

    If someone told you that you needed fat would you believe them? Fat can either be categorized as good fat or bad fat. When we grocery shop it is important to look at the labels yet many of them look like a different language. Watching fat content helps reduce the clogging of our arteries, increase energy and limits the amount of weight we put on.

    In our food there are four types of fat that we should know: saturated fats, Trans fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Whoa what? They may seem very intimidating but each one has a different chemical structure which affects each body differently. In real terms which one should we stay clear of and which are ok for our healthy body?

    Saturated and Trans fats usually become solid when left at room temperature unlike both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which tend to be liquid. Although some are seen as good fat and bad fat they are all high in calories so having more of one is still not in your healthi

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  9. 7 Tips on How To Avoid Falling on Snow

    Tis the season and falling on snow is the quickest way to ruin your Winter. Not only is it embarrasing to turf out when others are watching but you can really hurt yourself. Here are 7 tips on how to avoid falling on snow.

    1. Wear Smart Footwear - make sure your shoes have excellent tread because nothing will send you sliding faster than if you have no traction. 
    2. Add Ice Grips to Your Shoes - invest in some removable ice grips that fit right over your current shoes. They are not epensive and sometimes you can just leave them on an e
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  10. Living with Multiple Sclerosis

    Living with Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system, which is your brain and spinal cord.  The disorder disrupts the transfer of messages that communicates a desired action from the brain to the spinal cord and parts of the body.  The lack of messages being passed through the body causes issues with vision, coordination and sensation in the limbs.

    Nordic Walking can help individuals walk more comfortably, stable and make each step more effective.   Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.  Utilizing Nordic Walking poles encourages individuals to venture outdoors with the confidence of the support from the poles.  The simplicity of going on vacation, taking a museum tour or walking around the block is monuments in the life of MS.  Incorporating Nordic Walking Poles into every day life can drastically welcome new experiences, sights and feelings that can finally be shared. 

    Meet Lori, a stro

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