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  1. Hey Cupid - Do You Nordic Walk to Strengthen Your Relationship?

    Hey Cupid - Do You Nordic Walk to Strengthen Your Relationship?

    We are aware at how amazing Nordic Walking is for your health, with the extra calories burned and the natural high you get. Now we are going to prove how Nordic Walking can actually strengthen your relationships.

    When living with someone, whether a spouse, friend or significant other, the daily routines of life can take a toll on a relationship.  Recently, The Boston Globe Magazine featured a story about a marriage that was strengthened simply by walking.

    Relationships succeed when there is an open platform of communication.  Many times the ability to listen to each other helps to compromise and create solutions.  When you walk next to somebody it doesn’t take long for your rhythms to be in sync- this is called cooperation or a joint action.

    Sharing a common interest and activity such as Nordic Walking, takes the relationship out of the every day shuffle and encourages communication in a new setting while eliminating outside distractions.  For instance, when

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  2. Top 100 Trails - Best Trails in North America - How many have you done?

    Top 100 Trails - Best Trails in North America - How many have you done?

    Going outside and enjoying the fresh air is just what we need to make our Summer complete.  Similar to exercise routines, our bodies do not want to walk or hike the same route each and every day. 

    Treat your eyes, body and mind with new trails that can challenge your fitness.  Try a wonderful family day and outing for everyone to explore new places.

    There are many different trails that are man made, natural and historic that exist along old railway tracks, paths or roads that get you from point A to B.  Finding a trail that is a gentle grade, easy access and away from road traffic is ideal.  Click here for the complete Top 100 Trails by

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  3. 6 Tips For Taking Great Pics of Mountains

    Shirley DeLong did not need a Sherpa to summit Machu Picchu thanks to her folding York Nordic trekking poles. Little secret, Shirley is my mom and she is the reason I started York Nordic. I'm so proud of her, and yes she does look amazing after such a difficult hike! 

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    6 Tips For Photographing Mountains

      1. Always place something in the foreground:  Notice how Shirley offers context for the photo of Machu Picchu.
      2. Use a smaller aperture:  At F22 you'll have the depth and sharpness you need, or for photo hacks like me just change the mode on your phone to "Landscape".
      3. Use clouds to create an ominous feeling: Clouds will add an element of drama.
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  4. Pole Walking for Seniors - Go Anywhere Feeling Stable, Confident and Balanced!

    Pole Walking for Seniors - Go Anywhere Feeling Stable, Confident and Balanced!

    Pole Walking for Seniors increases mobility and stability

    Feeling unstable and unsure of your every step is a huge concern for many people that actually handicaps their ability to do every day activities. Recently, I spotted a gentleman using Nordic Walking poles but not for exercise purposes; he utilized these amazing poles for stability and support. In his old age he was not able to simply walk without fear of tripping or mistepping. When he signed up for a tour company, it was then that they suggested that he use Nordic Walking poles to support his every step.  Ever since then he never travels without his poles.

    Nordic Walking Poles are not only perfect for getting the most out of your workout but it allows individuals to walk confidently and participate in the activities that make memories, such as sharing a family day at the museum.  The reason that

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  5. Top 10 Best Places to Nordic Walk in New England!

    Top 10 Best Places to Nordic Walk in New England!

    New England is filled with amazing scenery that windows just don’t do it justice. Grab a friend, put on your sneakers, and of course you’re Nordic Walking Poles, and begin your stride!  To start it is best to practice and become comfortable with the poles as an extension of your arms.  Walking on pavement and asphalt roads is a great starting place.  The flat, predictable surface is perfect for discovering your rhythm and style.

    For avid walkers, hikers, athletes and outdoor adventurist, venturing off the paved roads onto the off road dirt trails, mountain hikes, and snow trails will make working out not only fun but challenging!  Some quick tips on how to Nordic Walk:

    To start, lean slightly forward as you walk.  With each step plant the opposite pole to push and propel yourself forward.  According to Exercise Physiologist and Certified Nordic Walking Instructor, Martica Heaner, “When you’ve got it, it feels a bit like a ball rolling down a hill and you feel in sync

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  6. Folding Walking Poles... The Perfect Gift for Travelers

    Folding Walking Poles... The Perfect Gift for Travelers

    Folding walking poles are the perfect gift for active travelers.

    Standard length and new shorter length for walkers under 5'4".

    Both fold to just 15".

    TSA Approved.

    Free shipping on all orders!

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  7. 5 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Bones While You Walk

    5 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Bones While You Walk

    Did you know that walking helps bone strength? According to Prevention Magazine, everyone has different reasons for why they walk from losing weight to maintaining a healthy heart. You may not realize it, but you're also walking for your bones: Walking can reduce your risk of hip fractures by 30%, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study.

    The following are some safe and effective ways to do that. If you walk at least 5 times a week for about 30 minutes (the government-recommended target), plan to do a different challenge each day for 5 days.

    1. Pick up your pace, add Nordic Walking poles for a boost
    2. Walk backward and side
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  8. Nordic Walking and its Effect on Parkinson - The Story of Bill Trewin

    Nordic Walking and its Effect on Parkinson - The Story of Bill Trewin

    Thanks to some of my recent clinic participants I have become intrigued by how Nordic Walking would measurably benefit those who struggle with balance and stability. Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis are both diseases which come to mind. In some of my recent research I came across Bill Trewin who tells his story better than I could... so here it is.

    Bill Trewin, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 49 now 55
    "I have Parkinson' doesn't have me"
    April 19th 2009

    NW came into my life about five years ago because of two wonderful friends who urged me to attend a workshop. I stopped running when I felt it was no longer safe for me. It wasn’t easy to give it up, however after that first workshop I realized that there was an alternative activity for me that could be just as rewarding. With fifteen ½ marathons (13 miles or 21K) and one full marathon completed, I know it is a wonderful and satis

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  9. Exercise Makes the Brain Learning Ready

    Exercise Makes the Brain Learning Ready

    Walk With a Doc founder Dr. David Sabgir recently highlighted the following in his newsletter.

    All of us know that exercise immediately helps our brain, but I didn't know exactly how. Is it all endorphins?

    Turns out there's something else, BDNF. We release this Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in times of exercise. It serves as a protective and a reparative tool to our memory neurons. Almost acting as a reset switch. This, along with endorphins, is what makes us feel so good. They act in a very similar fashion as nicotine, morphine, or heroin. Only one little difference, they are good for us. Check out the picture above.

    I encourage you to learn a bit more about Dr. David Sabgir's organization,

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  10. York Nordic Holiday Gift Best Picks

    Holiday Gift Guide selections are starting to roll in and we are excited to be picked for the following holiday gift guides. Check them out for great gifts for everyone on your list, enjoy!

    1. Green Global Travel: if you have travel plans in 2017, this list of gifts shouldn't be missed. Check out Best Gifts For Travelers in 2016

    2. Kelly's Thoughts on Things:  Kelly has lots of thoughts on lots of things, this year she is excited about our folding walking poles. Read about Kelly's Thoughts on T
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