Perfect your Nordic Walking Technique

Nordic Walking takes practice in order to master the most efficient and correct way to Nordic Walk.  This simple step by step guide will help you become confident in your stride.  Always start with a quick warm up and stretch prior to your routine.  Since your body has a continuous twisting motion while Nordic Walking it is very important to stretch your sides.

You muscles are stretched your body is warm, now what?  Connect your hands to your poles and let’s go!  Relax your shoulders, lay your arms close to your body and loosen your grip so that the poles can move with the motion. 

Remember your mothers advise to keep your posture?  Well utilize that when Nordic Walking and lift your chest high, your neck looking straight ahead instead of at your feet, you should be walking like you are on a mission.


Whether you’re a lefty or righty lead with which ever foot seems natural.  Allow your leading foot and opposite arm to step and swing forward, while the arm on the side of the leading foot swings back towards your back leg.  It may seem complicated but if you just walk normall your arms automatically swing with the opposite leg- it is just part of walking.  When you walk with the leading leg and the same arm extended it is called Bear Walking which you want to avoid.

Finally, focus on your heel to toe stride and your arms to propel yourself faster into the walk.  Remember that as you bring your arm back your hand should almost release the pole as it extends to increase the momentum and then regroup as it prepares to be the leading arm. 



Share what you felt helped to build your stronger stride and improve your Nordic Walking Technique.

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