5 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Bones While You Walk

Why do you walk? According to Prevention Magazine, everyone has different reasons for why they walk from losing weight to maintaining a healthy heart. You may not realize it, but you're also walking for your bones: Walking can reduce your risk of hip fractures by 30%, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study.

The following are some safe and effective ways to do that. If you walk at least 5 times a week for about 30 minutes (the government-recommended target), plan to do a different challenge each day for 5 days.

  1. Pick up your pace, add Nordic Walking poles for a boost
  2. Walk backward and sideways
  3. Do 20 Big Jumps
  4. Add stairs or a big hill to your walk
  5. Add a 60 second bone building run

...read full Prevention Magazine article here.