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  1. Nordic Walking and its Effect on Parkinson - The Story of Bill Trewin

    Nordic Walking and its Effect on Parkinson - The Story of Bill Trewin

    Thanks to some of my recent clinic participants I have become intrigued by how Nordic Walking would measurably benefit those who struggle with balance and stability. Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis are both diseases which come to mind. In some of my recent research I came across Bill Trewin who tells his story better than I could... so here it is.

    Bill Trewin, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 49 now 55
    "I have Parkinson' doesn't have me"
    April 19th 2009

    NW came into my life about five years ago ... Read more »

  2. Exercise Makes the Brain Learning Ready

    Exercise Makes the Brain Learning Ready

    Walk With a Doc founder Dr. David Sabgir recently highlighted the following in his newsletter.

    All of us know that exercise immediately helps our brain, but I didn't know exactly how. Is it all endorphins?

    Turns out there's something else, BDNF. We release this Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in times of exercise. It serves as a protective and a reparative tool to our memory neurons. Almost acting as a reset switch. This, along with endorphins, is what makes ... Read more »

  3. The Beauty of Aging

    The Beauty of Aging

    With every passing birthday we are gifted with mixed emotions of happiness for another year and the anxiety of our mental health aging.  A common misconception is that our minds begin to deteriorate as each new year we blow out another candle.  Hold off hiding the candles, because experts are showing how our brain health can be influenced throughout each stage of our life. 

    “Chronological age has no validity. Your brain doesn’t care how old you are; it just wants to be stimulated and shaped.”

    Four keys ... Read more »

  4. Nordic Walk to Strengthen Your Relationship

    Nordic Walk to Strengthen Your Relationship

    We are aware at how amazing Nordic Walking is for your health, with the extra calories burned and the natural high you get. Now we are going to prove how Nordic Walking can actually strengthen your relationships.

    When living with someone, whether a spouse, friend or significant other, the daily routines of life can take a toll on a relationship.  Recently, The Boston Globe Magazine featured a story about a marriage that was strengthened simply by walking.

    Relationships succeed when there is an open platform of communication.  Many times the ability to listen ... Read more »

  5. York Nordic Holiday Gift Best Picks

    Holiday Gift Guide selections are starting to roll in and we are excited to be picked for the following holiday gift guides. Check them out for great gifts for everyone on your list, enjoy!

    1. Green Global Travel: if you have travel plans in 2017, this list of gifts shouldn't be missed. Check out Best Gifts For Travelers in 2016

    2. Kelly's Thoughts on Things:   Read more »
  6. Childhood Diabetes and you. How Nordic Walking can change your odds.

    Childhood Diabetes and you. How Nordic Walking can change your odds.

    Childhood is a time when play dates and recess fill our appointment books and Oreo’s with milk was part of the food pyramid.  Today with video games and electronics, physical activity is not always part of a child’s daily routine.  As a result, diabetes has become one of the most common diseases in youths. 

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, just in the last two decades, Type 2 diabetes has increased significantly due to the growing obesity epidemic.  Diabetes is a disease where your body is unable ... Read more »

  7. Folding Walking Poles... The Perfect Gift

    Folding Walking Poles... The Perfect Gift

    Folding walking poles are the perfect gift for active travelers. All York Nordic poles and accessories at 20% off via promo code: 7HOLIDAY -

    Read more »
  8. Raise your arms to breast cancer survivors with Nordic Walking!

    Raise your arms to breast cancer survivors with Nordic Walking!

    All women celebrate winning the fight of their lives to breast cancer each October.  However, breast cancer treatment often results in impaired shoulder function that affects the lack of muscle endurance and range of motion.  This can greatly alter a person’s life and how they perform daily activities, from the simple ability to reach the top cabinet shelf to shaving.  Therefore, a study was conducted to see how the use of Nordic Walking Poles helped to increase shoulder function in female breast cancer survivors.  Not only is exercising important to physical rehabilitation, but ... Read more »

  9. Pro Active = Long Active

    Pro Active = Long Active

    Let's celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by being proactive for preventing breast cancer and also surviving breast cancer, with easy tips to be proactive with our breast health.  Shifting the way we think from being inactive to proactive will empower women and men everywhere. 

    According to ABC News, nearly 30 studies show data on women who exercise 3 or more hours a week at moderate to vigorous levels, significantly reduce their risk of ... Read more »

  10. Build your Memory with Walking

    Build your Memory with Walking

    Walking is great exercise to kick start your weight loss program and begin feeling and looking healthy.  In addition to a great cardio, walking actually has many mental benefits and anti aging benefits as well. 

    Breathing in the fresh air and getting the blood pumping releases endorphins which act as a natural high.  According to online article  walking may actually increase your ... Read more »

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